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Importance of Customer Trust and How to Earn It in Logistics

In the field of logistics, gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers is an essential part of the business strategy. Capturing the market doesn’t happen overnight; it is the result of many trial and errors of schemes backed by relentless efforts that over a prolonged period determines your place in the market. It all begins with getting the right customers; in the goods transport services industry, the target audience is a wide spectrum in which the lines are blurred. […]

Eco-Friendly Trucks

Three Ways in which the Trucking Industry Can become Eco-Friendly

  The goods transport services industry has been largely stagnant for the last five decades. The development of the trucking industry in terms of design of the delivery trucks and methods of transportation has been on a slow trajectory for many years and the collateral damages of it have started to surface today. Large delivery trucks cover almost 20% of the fuel consumption in the United States and the numbers are more or less similar in the lesser developed nations. […]


Challenges for a transport company without technology

A decade ago, you would be waiting for your taxi to arrive while repetitively staring at your watch, calling the driver only to find that he is ‘just around the corner’ for the last fifteen minutes! Or even the fact that you were robbed in broad daylight by paying the auto driver an outrageous fare.   Similarly, goods transport service companies too faced numerous difficulties without the support of technology. The entire tempo transport service sector, on the whole, has […]


The Need for Verified Drivers in Logistics

Transport and logistics fall under the service sector of the Indian economy. For years, it had been labelled as an unorganized sector because of the lack of a formal system that operates on all the levels of logistics companies. With recent developments such as customer service, online truck booking, order tracking and measures to avoid unforeseen accidents, logistics has been categorized under organized sector. One such development has been hiring verified drivers. Good transport services need to carried out by […]

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5 Tips to Hire Logistics Companies Online

Making the choice: When it comes to logistics services, reliability is one of the primary factors that customers look into. Reliability is a broad spectrum that covers different aspects such as – can the customers trust the logistics companies to deliver their goods safely? Will the delivery process be carried out within the promised time frame? Is the online truck booking system user-friendly and efficient? Are the delivery trucks for hire in a good condition? The goal of the customer […]

order tracking

Advantages of Tracking Your Goods

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge and not by hoarding it” – Anonymous In many industries around the world, transparency is the name of the game. Whether its showbiz or logistics, industry experts suggest customer transparency as an effective tool to solidify customer loyalty. The end customers want to know as much as they can without having to pick up the phone and enquire. Customer transparency has been a difficult concept to absorb for many supply chain companies or goods […]

Hire a mini truck with just a click – Online truck booking made easy!

Gone are the days when you had to personally be present to book a vehicle, arrange for a tempo on rent or even rent a moving truck. Now, online truck booking is possible because of Blowhorn! The online method is a simple, effective and convenient way to get household shifting services or hire mini trucks in your city. Whether you are a small convenience store owner who wants to book a mini goods carrier or a large e-commerce company who […]


Few Dos to Keep In Mind When You Book a Mini Truck for Shifting

Everyone wants to hire only the best trucking companies or the best moving truck rental company that there is. Settling for anything less could mean facing a lot of problems which no one wants to encounter for apparent reasons. Few of the many issues that can be faced are – the truck for hire does not arrive on time, the tempo transport service is charging a higher price than expected or the mini goods carrier has chances of damaging the […]


The Advent of Technology in the Trucking Industry

source The Indian road network is the second largest with 4.7 million kilometres of roads. There are over 8 million delivery trucks and goods carrier vehicles that are on the move to their terminus. Transportation and logistics almost act like the nervous system to the economy of a country – they play a significant role in aiding the Indian economy to sustain. Did you know – 6% of India’s GDP comes from road transportation!  With the rise in e-commerce platforms, […]


Business Logistics

Businesses have been often compared to the “warzones” vis-à-vis constant pressure, however, the term “logistics” actually comes from the military. Strange isn’t it? It was exploited to refer to the processes of supplying and distributing supplies or equipment to the troops. The modern usage in the business sector describes logistics as the efficient flow and storage of goods and products from an origin point to the consumption point. Times have changed and along with it the components of transportation industry […]